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Aesthetic Facial Surgery

Services for Aesthetic Facial Surgery

Aesthetic Facial Surgery

VISAGE - A new concept where we offer a complete solution for facial aesthetics.
We offer : Aethetic medicine, aesthetic surgery & non-surgical rejuvenation of the face
Aesthetic medicine :
  • Refining facial contours by rf radio sculpt and fillers
  • Tightening and lifting skin by facial masques and peels
  • IPL and lasers for acne

Aesthetic surgery :

Rhinoplasty facelifts, Chin augmentation, Chin/lower face sculpting by ultrasound liposuction

Uniquely positioned as Mumbai's first destination facial spa, visage heralds a new direction in facial care.

With advanced lasers and other non - invasive methods, it is no longer necessary to resort to drastic measures to achieve these ideals.

At visage we shall strive to set new standards to achieve your aesthetic goal.

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